Everything you need for  School Travel Planning in your community.

Step by step guidance and tools to implement School Travel Planning – a process that brings together school and community stakeholders to address transportation problems and increase active modes of school travel.
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A summary of how School Travel Planning works, who is involved and how the school community benefits from participating.

Regional Stakeholders

A comprehensive guide to help regional and municipal stakeholders start a new project and appoint a Facilitator to lead School Travel Planning.


Step-by-step guidance to help Facilitators take schools through the six phases of School Travel Planning

Phase 1

Set-up the project

Appoint a Facilitator, identify participating schools, and establish committees to support the project.
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Phase 2

Assess conditions

Collect the information needed to identify and understand local school travel issues.
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Phase 3

Develop an action plan

Develop a plan of action based on the issues and barriers to sustainable travel that have been identified.
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Phase 4

Implement the action plan

Bring the action plan to life through coordination and communication with partners.
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Phase 5

Evaluate progress

Collect evaluation data, celebrate successes and plan for further project continuation.
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Phase 6

Keep it going forward

Transition project leadership away from the Facilitator, update action plans and continue evaluation.
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About Us

Green Communities Canada (GCC) is a national non-profit association of community-based environmental organizations working together for a vibrant, equitable and sustainable future.

GCC has been a leading organization promoting active and sustainable school travel for over two decades. We do this through research, advocacy, training, educational resources, events, partnerships, and on-the-ground programming. We have a simple but compelling goal for school travel: to make walking, cycling, and other forms of active, safe, and sustainable transportation the norm for trips to and from school.

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