Phase 1: Set-up the project

Getting started involves appointing a Facilitator, identifying the schools and stakeholders to participate, and establishing committees to support and oversee the School Travel Planning process.

Tools for Phase 1a:
Set-up at the regional level

Guide for Regional Stakeholders

The Guide for Regional Stakeholders provides information to help regional and/or municipal stakeholders to establish and support a School Travel Planning program. 

The Equity and Engagement in School Travel Planning report provides Regional Stakeholders with resources, strategies, and tools to prioritize equity during the process of establishing a STP program.


Establishing Regional STP Committee:

Hiring STP Facilitator(s):

Building support for Active School Travel:

Sample Active School Travel Charters:


Tools for Phase 1b:
Set-up at school level

Guide for Facilitators

The Guide for Facilitators provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for Facilitators to take schools through the School Travel Planning process.

The Equity and Engagement in School Travel Planning report provides Facilitators with resources, tools, and ideas to improve equity when they begin their community engagement process.


Briefing documents for school Principals:

Sample School Travel Plans:

Securing school agreement to participate:

Establishing a School STP Committee:

Communicating to the school community:

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About Us

Green Communities Canada (GCC) is a national, not-for-profit association of community-based environmental organizations fighting together for a vibrant, equitable and sustainable future.

For more than two decades, GCC has been a leader in promoting active school travel through research, advocacy and training programs, supplemented with educational resources, concrete partnerships, events and programs.

Our goal for school travel is simple but compelling: to make walking, cycling and other active, safe and sustainable modes of transportation the norm for school travel.

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