Hands-Up for Better Data!

Bike Walk Roll Week is taking place in British Columbia and Ontario from October 16-20, 2023. 

Learn more about the initiative.

Visit Website

BikeWalkRoll.org is an easy and informative way to collect data on how students get to school.

Visit the website, create an account, and locate your school.

Do Survey

Ask students how they travelled to school with a 30-second “hands-up” survey. How many walked, biked, rolled, took the bus, or were driven?

Record the answers and hit “submit”.

Check Score

After your survey, the program generates your BikeWalkRoll score! Compare your score to other classrooms or nearby schools.  

Do it again the next day!  


Bike Walk Roll Week is being led by Green Communities Canada with funding from Infrastructure Canada’s National Active Transportation Fund. The event is being coordinated in British Columbia and Ontario with the objective of establishing a travel mode baseline for elementary and middle school students. This is accomplished by a combination of hands-up surveys in classrooms and a supplementary household travel survey for families. 

See project info sheet for more information. The project info sheet is also available in French

See hands-up survey info sheet for instructions on how to participate.

See project FAQ for answers to your questions.

Bike Walk Roll

BikeWalkRoll.org is an easy and informative way to collect data on how students get to and from school. The website was created by environmental non-profit, Green Action Centre, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. 

See Bike Walk Roll FAQ for more information and answers to your questions. 


The goal of Bike Walk Roll Week is to get as many classrooms and schools participating as possible. This will help us get better, and more accurate data! Please help us spread the word using the below materials. 

See Sample Messaging document to spread the word via social media and e-newsletters.

Download the following graphics to help spread the word!

See data collection information sheet for additional ideas on how to collect school travel data in your community!